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January 2019 - April 2019 Speakers

Personal Revolution

Allison Task is the best-selling author of Personal (R)evolution and life coach. She is helping others take control of their life so that they move from where tjey are to where they want to be. 

During our Plaid Conversations, Allison will help us: 

  • Create a clear vision for what you want out of life, so you know where you’re going and why you’re going there. 
  • Remove the frustrating blocks that are holding you back and replace them with positivity, possibility, and momentum. 
  • Develop a detailed action plan that will drive you to where you want to be. 
  • Build and nurture the network that will help you create your future.

Woman, The Masterpiece

Kendra is a strategically transparent and audacious empowerment speaker, author, mentor, and missionary. 

She is the founder of International Kendra, a mission committed to fearlessly crossing ethnic, religious, cultural, and societal barriers to break chains of oppression and brokenness. 

In Woman, The Masterpiece Kendra will share strategies for overcoming setbacks play in our lives while taking a necessary yet difficult look at ourselves, identifying behavior and actions that often lead to brokenness in our relationship with others - and ourselves, and learn practical steps to overcome those barriers. 

Making Room For The New: Decluttering

As an NYU Pre-Law student, Joselyn had the opportunity to join an all girl Latin band. In doing so she realized she had been ignoring her love for the arts to pursue a “safe” career. Opportunities in the performing arts kept showing up and Joselyn decided to pursue her career in the arts full time after graduating from college. Yet there was always the feeling of something pending: Her desire to find the person that took her father’s life when she was nine years old. Joselyn believes that in an an era where we are one Google search away from finding whatever we want, we don’t have to wait for anyone or any entity to make anything happen. Joselyn continues to enjoy an amazing journey towards self actualization, one that has gifted her with a a fulfilling, fun career working and learning from some of the biggest actors in the industry as well as building a new business that inspires, encourages and teaches women to design their version of success.  

Reframe It!

Erica R. Maier is the creator of Reframe It! Mindset Motivation & Reframe It! Story Meditation, tools for busy adults that teach how simple shifts in mindset can immediately reduce everyday stress, improve health and increase happiness. 

She is also the author of a picture book for adults Reframe It! Rethinking Your Reactions to Life’s Annoyances, a project inspired by the loss of her father to cancer in 2015. Erica is also a Telly Award-winning voiceover talent who has voiced hundreds of projects for household names and small businesses alike. 

A native Texan, she and her husband Scott now live in San Francisco. You can find her at or across social media @EricaRMaier.

A Note from the Sarah

For a long time I really took for granted personal development.

Well imagine my shock when I left the corporate world and realized that all that development was great for my professional life, but I wasn't getting development for the entire me. The me that's a wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee and volunteer. The full me was missing out.

Plaid Conversations is exactly my answer to that. It' a two way conversation with speakers from all over about the business of life, your entire life, not just the professional aspect. 

Each month we bring a speaker directly to you (join live or catch in your inbox) about something we know will enrich your entire life. We cover inspiration, career & money, home & family and health & wellness because none of our roles stand on their own.

I hope you will join us for 2019 Plaid Conversations as we bring amazing speakers to you to help you live your best life.